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Heather Harris Photography review of Raw Power Rangers at The Echo, on October 28, 2010

Heather Harris Photography scroll down to see photo of David "Iggy Pop" Arnson playing with original Stooges at Jam for Ron Asheton at the Roxy on January 13, 2010.

Detroit Metro Times
Kill city dreaming
Iggy Pop and James Williamson talk Raw Power, their rift and reunion, Ron Asheton and the glory that (still) is Detroit
October 7, 2009

MT: Bob [Matheu] told me that you recently went to see a Stooges tribute band - a Raw Power tribute band - in L.A.

James Williamson: That's true. The Raw Rower Rangers, man! They were great. They were hysterically funny. The guy doing Iggy was really good. He did impressions of Iggy. He didn't look anything like him but he did an amazing impression of him, including all the off-handed comments in between songs and the whole deal. And the band played good, and they sounded good and knew all the tunes. It was hysterical.

LA Weekly
X-ers and Exes
Fight The Power
By Lina Lecaro
Wednesday, August 15, 2007 12:00pm

Punk Rock Barbecue, Liquid Kitty, August 12, 2007


After 11 years, Liquid Kitty on the Westside is still purring strong, though it was more yowling at the bar's annual Punk Rock Barbecue last Sunday afternoon. Seasoned noisemakers, including Mike Watt   the Missingmen, The Chairs of Perception (a.k.a. The Urinals) and Saccharine Trust, all stirred the place up, but it was the Stooges tribute band The Raw Power Rangers, featuring the Insect Surfers' Dave Arnson as Iggy Pop and Ex-Germs/45 Graver Don Bolles on drums, that truly electrified. Arnson's flailing and wailing Pop impersonation was spot-on, and our perch in front almost as dangerous as watching the real thing. Okay, we weren't splattered with blood or anything, but we did get squirted in the eye with orange juice as the singer squeezed a slice all over his shirtless torso while crooning atop the bar. Even Watt (who played with the real Stooges on their reunion tour) couldn't resist joining the imitators for a couple tunes.


LA Weekly
Aliens Don't Die (They Just Disappear)
Zolar X, with the Raw Power Rangers January 18 at Club Screwball (El Cid)
Thursday, January 26, 2006 - 7:35 pm

Zolar X, with the Raw Power Rangers

January 18 at Club Screwball (El Cid)


Openers the Raw Power Rangers presented a frenetic, dysfunctional take on Iggy   The Stooges circa 1973. Since the current edition of the actual Stooges will not play songs from Raw Power, the Raw Power Rangers performed the entire album live as a rock opera, complete with between-song venting at anyone who ever took advantage of the Stooges. Vocalist David Arnson, in the role of Iggy, delighted in provoking the crowd and spared no physical action to do so, including walking on the tables, groping most of those in attendance and humping the body parts of a lucky few. With Dan Valentie on guitar as James Williamson, Mark Hoeschler on bass as the demoted guitarist Ron Asheton, and Don Bolles again as drummer Rock Action, the Rangers provided an incendiary glimpse into the demons and glory of one of the most influential rock bands of all time.

The following press release from The Thing, was for the December 16, 2004 appearance of the Raw Power Rangers at Thee Parlor Club.


A living tribute to -- and tribunal of -- the David Bowie produced Iggy and the Stooges Raw Power LP and the 1973 Stooges, both as a band and as individual characters, in a hilarious and intensely rockin' one-act ur-punk rock-opera. The entirety of the Raw Power LP is performed in sequence, with incisive and raunchy between song patter, by a band/cast made up of some rather improbable local outsider sub-luminaries:
DON BOLLES as Scott Rock Action Asheton;
DAN VALENTI (Insect Surfers) as James Williamson;
MARK HESHER himself as Ron Asheton;
DAVE ARNSON (Insect Surfers) as IGGY POP!
It really does kick major ass, so wear something that goes well with Peanut Butter and prepare to be dazzled by THEE RAW POWER RANGERS, THIS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16th 2004 at THE THURSDAY THING, @ THEE PARLOUR!

DJs JIMI HEY, DON BOLLES and HOWIE PYRO (you may remember them from CLUB SCREWBALL) will be spinning until they get dizzy and fall down; then they'll get back up and play a bunch of weird records for to make all the happy dancing! It's going to be another glittering, surreal, trans-generic psycho-delic shindig of the third kind, but don't let that keep you away -- tune out, drop in, and go–go to the incredible stimulation that is THEE RAW POWER RANGERS, live and direct from the Whiskey, 1973 to the Parlour, 2004 this THURSDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 16th, at THEE PARLOUR club

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