The Raw Power Rangers - Iggy Pop and the Stooges tribute band.


The origin of RAW POWER RANGERS was somewhat reactionary in that, as the Stooges themselves were reunited WITHOUT James Williamson and were not covering the Raw Power album, we felt that somebody should tribute one of the great records of all time, by the Stooges at their peak.
photo raw power rangers
Dave Arnson (of the Insect Surfers) on vocals as Iggy Pop

photo raw power rangers
Andrew Scott (of the Farflung) on guitar as James Williamson
Photo by (C) 2011 Heather Harris (C) 2011 Heather Harris

photo raw power rangers
Mark Hoeschler (Lawndale and Bomboras) on bass as Ron Asheton
Photo by Imaginatrix

photo raw power rangers
Don Bolles (of the Germs, 45 Grave and Celebrity Skin) on drums as Rock Action

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